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100 g Frosted Purple Straight Sided Glass Jar

Best Used For


Cleansing Balm

Body Lotion

Hair Mask

Body Scrub

Body Lotion


Designed with smooth rounded edges, this jar possesses a dignified appearance that can only be described as elegant. Now featuring our new glossy silver and glossy gold enclosures, this is just one of the various bottle and enclosure combinations now available! View our original and timeless gold, silver, silver with a stripe, and black colored enclosures as well to find the best match for you! The various color and finish options available for this jar reveal endless possibilities at our clients’ discretion. Simply, state your preferred colors in the quote details below and send us an inquiry.

100 g Frosted Purple Straight Sided Glass Jar

In-stock and ready to ship


Neck Finish - 53/400

Materials - Glass

MOQ - 84

Body Color : Frosted Purple


100 g


PVC Cosmetic Disc Liner

Shipping Details

Case Size

84 units

Case Weight

32.6 lbs

Case Dimensions

20" L x 11.5" W x 7.5" H

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