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30 ml Clear Airless Pump Bottle w/ Silver Base and Silver Over Cap

Best Used For

Body Lotion

Eye Cream

Face Mask


Sun Screen



These airless pump bottles are beautiful to look at and the stunning aesthetics will elevate your brand to the next level. Popularly found in high end cosmetics, these bottles are perfect for foundations, serums and creams of a lighter consistency. In addition to eye appeal, this bottle utilizes an efficient airless dispensing pump that will isolate your product, effectively preventing exposure to air. This helps to prolong the life span of your product during and in between use. Displayed is our clear colored airless bottle with matte silver base. White and frosted clear airless bottles are also currently available. For further color customization please send us an inquiry request.

30 ml Clear Airless Pump Bottle w/ Silver Base and Silver Over Cap

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Klein Packaging


Materials - Acrylic

MOQ - 190

Body Color : Transparent

Closure Color : Silver


30 ml

Shipping Details

Case Size

190 units

Case Weight

18 lbs

Case Dimensions

21" L x 12" W x 13" H

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