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1 oz Glossy Black Glass Dropper Bottle

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Best Used For

Body Oil

Face Oil


Hair Oil



Featuring a tantalizing fine mist sprayer, this combination displays a refined method of application with just the light press of your finger. Whether it be pharmaceutical, cosmetics, herbal or essential oils, be proud and flaunt your product in style. Impress potential clients with unmatched quality coupled with a coveted touch of elegance. This is just one of the various bottle and enclosure combinations now available! Interested in another color combination? Simply, state your preferred colors in the quote details below and send us an inquiry.

Materials - Glass

MOQ - 330

Body Color : Glossy Black


1 oz

Shipping Details

Case Size

330 units

Case Weight

38.4 lbs

Case Dimensions

16.5" L x 11.5" W x 10.5" H

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1 oz Glossy Black Dropper Bottle

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Min. Order 330 Units
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